The Gardens


Native Garden

Native Gardens use native plants that flourish in their natural environment while complimenting the surrounding landscape. They incorporate native trees, shrubs, grasses and wild flowers and make great "All Season" gardens. 

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Renaissance Garden

Growing up on Maui, I had never seen a Renaissance Garden until taking my daugter to college and visiting The Manito Gardens in Spokane, WA. This garden opened my eyes to a new style and it was there that I realized I wanted to create a similar experience on Maui for residents and visitors to enjoy.

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Rose Garden

My Grandmother loved roses and would say "Take time to smell the roses." But, how many of us really do.  It wasn't until later in life that I actually did and finally learned the secret...that each beautiful variety has a different scent and some are far more fragrant than others. Taking time to actually smell the roses is a delightful experience.

Vegetable Picking

Victory & Herb Gardens

Victory Gardens were started during World War I and World War II to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war effort. " or "food gardens for defense", were They were planted at private residences and on public land. Today Victory & Herb Gardens are part of an effort to be more self-sufficient and sustainable.


Tuscan Garden​

Many people enjoy Tuscan landscapes, but few are seen on Maui.  We wanted to highlight this landscape style as it fits well with area and features many of the plants now being used on Maui, including citrus and olive trees.

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Xeri- & Zero-scaping Gardens​

These two types of gardens are often confused as both save water.  Xeriscapes use low-water-use and drought-tolerant plants (such as native plants) that require little or no supplemental irrigation. Zeroscapes have few to no plants and create interesting outdoors spaces with rocks, sand, concrete, pavers, decks, and patios.

The Farm


Lemon Tree



Ground Coffee


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The Aloha Garden is a botanical garden made up of many different garden designs that are well suited for Maui.

Palm Trees

Hawaiian / Tropical Garden​

In the islands, Hawaiian/Tropical Gardens are abundant. They are known for being vibrant, exotic, and lush outdoor spaces that complement a variety of architectural styles and providing a relaxing oasis from everyday life. These gardens include big , bold foliage in all shades of green with vibrant blooms with in a variety of colors, and water features that give add to the feel of a tropical paradise.

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Japanese Garden​

Japanese Gardens remind us of the beauty of nature and bring peace and serenity into our busy lives. They include combinations of rocks, water, trees, buildings, gates, fences and bridges that create the essence of the garden and are meant to be integrated environments where the garden, house and people function together.