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A Magical Garden Awaits You!

The Aloha Garden of Maui is being created to provide a beautiful garden paradise on 9.6 acres in Kula, Maui, Hawaii, for residents and visitors to enjoy. It is designed to engage and inspire people about farming, gardening, and sustainable living. When complete, adults and children will be able to experience a variety of garden styles, an arboretum, a family farm, celebrate special occasions, bask in nature, laugh and play, let their imagination soar, appreciate living art, sooth their soul, learn about gardening and sustainable living, get gardening ideas for their home, and find unlimited fun.


This project blends a Maui botanical garden and arboretum, destination nursery and garden supply center, and Maui farm operation with a variety of crops and plants to create a unique learning and agritourism, ecotourism and edu-tourism experience in Maui, Hawaii.

Founded on the "Spirit of Aloha" (love, honor, respect) and "Ohana" (family), all are invited to be a part of the garden's ohana and help bring this magical and inclusive place to life.

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Want to learn more about gardening or farming? Like spending time outdoors? Have helpful skills and talents? Enjoy the satisfaction of creating something beautiful? Interested in leaving a legacy on Maui? 


Please think of us.


There are many ways to get involved and join us in this exciting journey, with a few noted below, and we are happy to recognize and reward our partners for their generosity.

  • Become An Individual Or Corporate Sponsor

  • Buy A Garden Brick

  • Donate Needed Materials And/Or Services

  • Leave A Legacy

  • Make A Financial Contribution

  • Participate In Our Student Internship Program

  • Purchase Treasures Items From Our Gift Shop

  • Volunteer

  • Share The Aloha Garden With Others


  • Stunning Gardens In A Variety Of Styles To Inspire People & Make Them Go "Oooooh" and "Ahhhhh"

  • A Retail Nursery For A Jump Start On One's New Garden And/Or Landscape Ideas

  • A Farm To Sustain Our Efforts & Promote Farming

  • Outdoor Classrooms Where Education & Training Programs Will Be Offered

  • Aquaponic & Hydronic Farming Models To Showcase These Practices

  • Xeriscaping & Zeroscaping Examples To Teach People That These Design Styles Do Not Have To Look Like A Dessert In Arizona

  • Intelligent Irrigation Systems To Demonstrate Water Conservation Methods

  • Sustainable Solutions To Promote Resource Conservation

  • Plant Information To Exite Guests About Different Plants & Teach The Importance Of Plant Preservation

  • Shared Information & Resources To Encourage Life Long Learning

Brick Sales 

Will Begin Soon!

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